What a fantastic party for baby Lulu! Proud new parents Chris Pancoe and Jennie O’Keefe are clearly loved by many. There was a huge crowd to welcome Lucie Rae O’Keefe into the world at Pop Soda’s coffeehouse last Sunday. While Lucie slept quietly for most of the afternoon over 50 people showed up to meet her and congratulate her family. She looked  like a china doll in her little pink dress, being passed around and admired. Pop Soda’s was a perfect venue for the event as there were kids of all ages free to run around and have fun. We made party crowns (check out the one Sonny made for Lucie) caught up with old friends and had a laugh. If you don’t know Pop Soda’s it is a coffeehouse and gallery near the U of W with a casual atmosphere, amazing desserts and great food. I was also happy to learn that Sunday’s from 12-3 p.m is Family day featuring complimentary art classes for kids! Check out their sitehttp://www.popsodascoffeehouse.com/.


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